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About Lab Test Shop

Lab Test Shop is a simple concept. You can order your own confidential lab tests without consulting a doctor. Tests are affordable and reliable results are delivered directly to you.

Easy. Fast. Confidential.

InOut Labs has been offering direct to consumer lab tests it the Chicago area since 2012. We developed Lab Test Shop in response to demand for testing from outside our area. Let us know if you have questions.

Purchase Your Tests Online

Choose from a wide range of routine and speciality lab tests and pay for it online. No doctor’s visit or order is required. All orders are reviewed by an independent physician.

Visit a Nearby Lab

With 2200+ lab test locations across the nation we’ll find the one closest to you. Make an optional appointment or walk-in with your lab requisition number (provided by us) and a photo ID for your sample to be drawn. Search here.

For Specialty Tests: We will ship a test kit with instructions directly to you. Some specimens are collected at home. Others will require a blood draw. In either case, we provide you with pre-paid shipping directly to the lab.

Secure Delivery of Results

We’ll deliver your results securely to you after we receive it from your lab. We’ll deliver the lab test results in the fastest time possible. You’ll be notified via email when your results are available.