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The Gut (Aka The “Gut Microbiome”) Has Been Called Our “Second Brain” Because Of The Direct Relationship With Our Overall Feeling Of Wellbeing.

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Many People Suffer A Lifetime Of Ailments That They Never Connected To The Food They Consume. What We Eat Matters.
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Whether It’s An STD Test For Peace Of Mind, Or You Think Your Hormones May Be Out Of Whack, You Can Find Out. Confidentially.
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Measure Thyroid Levels
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About Lab Test Shop

Lab Test Shop is a simple concept. You can order your own confidential lab tests without consulting a doctor. Tests are affordable and reliable results are delivered directly to you.

Easy. Fast. Confidential.

Please understand that we are not a doctor’s office and cannot provide medical advice or test result interpretation. Our job is to make tests like these available directly to you.

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Specialty tests: A test kit is shipped to you. Our fulfillment partner Rupa Health will provide instructions about where to go for a blood draw, if required. For conventional tests, you will receive an order you can take to any of over 2200+ Quest Diagnostics locations across the nation we’ll find the one closest to you.

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