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Vitamin D Test (25-Hydroxy, Total)

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An estimated one billion people worldwide are below healthy levels of Vitamin D. In fact, 64% of Americans do not have enough Vitamin D. Order a Vitamin D test to learn your level.

Vitamin D deficiency is a global epidemic and a Vitamin D test will let you know your level.

Vitamin D has a huge influence on normal body processes, and if your levels are too low, your body is not operating at optimal levels. If you don’t know your Vitamin D levels, you may be vulnerable to numerous health problems, including: Type II diabetes, cancer, infections, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and neurological disease. Consider a Vitamin D test to find out if you may be at risk.

And recent studies indicate that adequate Vitamin D levels my be protective against COVID-19

Sunlight is know to help improve Vitamin D levels, but most of us do not get enough sun exposure to make enough difference. Studies also show that the darker your skin is, the less able you are to to create Vitamin D from sun exposure.

If you live in a northern climate, spend most of your time indoors, or if you have darker pigmentation, a Vitamin D test may be in order.

Over-the-counter supplements are an easy — and inexpensive — solution, but they are fat-soluble, meaning you don’t want to take too much or it can be toxic. Monitoring your vitamin D level is easy, inexpensive, and can prevent diseases that could cost you your life.

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