USA Only. We cannot order testing in NY, and some labs will not allow ordering in NJ or RI.
USA Only. We cannot order testing in NY, and some labs will not allow ordering in NJ or RI.

Urine Hormone Metabolites

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Get to the bottom of hormonal imbalances


The Vibrant Urine Hormones and Metabolites panel is a comprehensive assessment of individual hormones. Looking at patterns of imbalances in different hormones as well as their metabolites provides beneficial information on affected downstream pathways to treat underlying causes of hormone imbalances and identify disease risks associated with individual hormone metabolites.


The Vibrant Hormone Metabolites panel is the most comprehensive panel available to assess the status of hormones in the human body. It eliminates the guesswork of determining the root causes of generic and global symptoms and provides practitioners with a clear picture of the hormonal imbalances present.

Symptoms and risks

  • Headache (not migraine)
  • Insomnia at night
  • Anxiety (fears, uneasiness)
  • Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Food cravings
  • Fluctuating weight
  • Mood swings (rapid changes)
  • Lack of concentration/Brain fog
  • Fatigue (sluggish, tired)
  • Irritability

Is this test right for me?

This test is for those who want the most accurate assessment of hormone imbalance causes.

How accurate is this test?

Vibrant uses the most advanced method to accurately measure Urine Hormone Metabolites.

How should I prepare for this test?

To prepare for the Urinary Hormone Metabolites test, men, children, and non-menstruating women may collect any day of the month. Menstruating women should collect samples according to the following schedule: Regular Cycles: Collect on day 19, 20, or 21 of the menstrual cycle. (Day 1 = first day of your period). Irregular Cycles: Collect 5 days before your period begins. Unpredictable Cycles: Collect any day when not bleeding. Other hormone therapies: Test halfway between therapies with patches, vaginal rings, pellets, or injectables. Avoid using hormones vaginally up to 72 hours before collection. Talk to your healthcare provider about steroid use and appropriate timing. If you miss a collection timing, collect at the same time the next day and label appropriately. Fast for 2-3 hours before each collection to ensure accurate cortisol measurements.

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