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Testosterone, Free & Total

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It is critical that men maintain proper testosterone levels, and not only for the reason you think! Yes ,Low T can affect your sex drive and cause sexual dysfunction. But it is also associated with many other conditions in men and women:

Bone density
Excess body fat and Obesity
Muscle strength and mass
Red blood cell production
Sex drive
Cognitive function
Sperm production
Metabolic syndrome
High blood pressure
Overall energy
If you’re just not feeling yourself a testosterone test is a good place to start. Beginning at age 30, men’s testosterone levels usually drop off at 1% per year.

If it’s lower than you would like, but still in the “normal” range, there are natural ways to raise it. If you really suspect “Low T,” consider this Panel, which may provide some additional clues.

Total T is the number most talk about, but Free T is the testosterone that is available to your body. Pay attention to that number.

As with all of our tests, these results are confidential and shared only with you.

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