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Auto Immune Panel

Test ID: QAUTOIMMUNE Test Category:


  • ANA W/RFX (000249)
  • URIC ACID (000905)
  • SED RATE BY MOD WEST (000809)

The immune system is the body’s means of protection against microorganisms and other “foreign” substances. It is composed of two major parts. One component, B lymphocytes, produces antibodies, proteins that attack “foreign” substances and cause them to be removed from the body; this is sometimes called the humoral immune system. The other component consists of special white blood cells called T lymphocytes, which can attack “foreign” substances directly; this is sometimes called the cellular immune system.

It takes time for both components of the immune system to develop. T lymphocytes become protective, and antibodies are developed after a person is exposed to specific “foreign” threats. Over a lifetime, the immune system develops an extensive library of identified substances and microorganisms that are cataloged as “threat” or “not threat.”

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