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Vibrant Celiac & Nutrition

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This is a kit that is shipped to you. You will need to have your blood drawn locally. If you use one of these sites, sometimes the blood draw is included. Make sure to ask. Otherwise, you will have to pay whatever fees your local phlebotomist charges. We suggest you have a plan for the blood draw before ordering this test. Prepaid shipping to the lab is included.

  • Vibrant™ Anti-tTg IgA
  • Vibrant™ Anti-tTg IgG
  • Vibrant™ Anti-dGP IgA
  • Vibrant™ Anti-dGP IgG
  • Total IgA
  • CBC (Complete Blood Count) to look for anemia
  • ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) to evaluate inflammation
  • hs-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) to evaluate inflammation
  • CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) to determine electrolyte, protein, and calcium levels, and to verify the status of the kidney and liver
  • Vitamin D and B12 and folate to measure vitamin deficiencies
  • Iron, iron binding capacity or transferrin, and ferritin to detect iron deficiency


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