Vibrant Celiac & Nutrition

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This is a kit that is shipped to you. You will need to have your blood drawn locally. If you use

one of these sites

, sometimes the blood draw is included. Make sure to ask. Otherwise, you will have to pay whatever fees your local phlebotomist charges. We suggest you have a plan for the blood draw before ordering this test. Prepaid shipping to the lab is included.

Vibrant? Anti-tTg IgA
Vibrant? Anti-tTg IgG
Vibrant? Anti-dGP IgA
Vibrant? Anti-dGP IgG
Total IgA

CBC (Complete Blood Count) to look for anemia
ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) to evaluate inflammation
hs-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) to evaluate inflammation
CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) to determine electrolyte, protein, and calcium levels, and to verify the status of the kidney and liver
Vitamin D and B12 and folate to measure vitamin deficiencies
Iron, iron binding capacity or transferrin, and ferritin to detect iron deficiency

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